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Name:Kai Jaeger
RP journal for Kai Jaeger, 19 year old Kingdom Hearts AU OC. I only own Kai and his mother Maya. PB is Narumi Sakaki from Kaminaru Kimi to.

Not blood-related to any canon characters in any way, shape, or form, thanks.

Previous Game History


Kai's slender, standing at 5' 7 1/2", with short silver hair (It tends to look white in most light, much to his annoyance) and amethyst eyes. He pretty much lives in casual stuff, mostly jeans and t-shirts with hoodies. He's 19 years old.

Personality: Kai can be a sarcastic smartass at times, and when something's bugging him, he'll either fall quiet or take the opportunity to annoy someone else. He tends to be the silent observer a lot, more content to watch and see what he can learn before volunteering information or jumping into the conversation. He does have a short temper, however, and will fight back if he or anyone he cares about is threatened. Kai is also loyal to his friends, and has a soft spot for kids.

Powers: Blizzard and Fire magic, creating portals, swinging around a Keyblade when necessary. Learning Curaga and a shield spell.


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